Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
Grant - Lee Edition

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Beige cloth hardcover, top edge of pages in gold, small owners bookplate on frontpage, Publisher: The Century Co., complete set of 8 Volumes, copyright 1884, 1887, 1888; bookstamp St. Francis Seminary, Salzman Library; approx 3000 pages of text, hundreds of illustrations from photos, battlefield sketches, and maps; the in depth coverage of every significant battle is astounding, very light wear considering this set sat almost unread on the shelf of a Seminary Library for over one hundered years. One of the best reference books on the US Civil War, rare, printed on high quality low acid paper, overall light wear.


Volume I Part I
Bull Run

Volume I Part II

Volume II Part I
Seven Pines at Fair Oks

Volume II Part II
The Sunken Road at Antietam

Volume III Part I
Battle of Fredricksburg

Volume III Part II

Volume IV Part I
From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor

Volume IV Part II
The battle of the Petersburg Crater

Volume IV Part II
The Surrender at Appotomax Courthouse

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