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Mein Kampf Book - 1942 Wedding Edition

Mein Kampf Book

Mein Kampf: Each city mayor had small stock of Mein Kampf wedding books on hand. When the war ended, the Allied denazification program ordered all these books to be pulped. This one was taken and very neatly signed by a GI as a war souvenir! Deluxe war time wedding edition, dated 1942, 19 x 13 x 4 cm, 782 pages, hard cover, four cord sewn binding, navy blue leather spine with gold foil lettering. Leather skin on spine is loose as are front and back boards, dedication page is missing, inside pages are clean with very light wear, a perfect candidate for restoration. Ask your librarian if anyone on staff has experience in collectible book restoration. This should be a rather easy and affordable repair.

Mein Kampf Book

excellent condition of hard cover boards

loose leather covering on spine

Kriegs Ausgabe (Wartime Edition)

Dated Copyright 1942

Hitler Photo and Tissue

Inside page with a long Wall Street Journal article

last page of the book

very reasonable start price, no reserve, 14 day return priveledge

USA Bidders: Media Mail with tracking, $3.95

Foreign bidders: air mail, no tracking, $22
FEDEX with tracking $46.50