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Ludwig I King of Bavaria
Munich High School
Commemorative Thaler 1826

Candidate for Coin Repair

This rare coin had two holes drilled
to make a lederhose belt chain over 100 years ago
Holes need to be plugged and soldered
then the design restored by a skilled engraver
be sure you entrust this coin to a proven master

Zehn Eine Feine Mark

excellent detail, xf-au, burnished fields

Verlegung der Ludwig Maximilians
Hochschule von Landshut
nach Munchen 1826

very reasonable start price, no reserve, 14 day return priveledge

USA Bidders: 1st class postage with tracking, $3.95
Foreign bidders: air mail package/box, no tracking, no protection $9.95
Foreign bidders: Express mail, with tracking, protection $46.50