German WW1 Field Artillery Faustriemen

German WW1 Field Artillery Saber Faustriemen

I just bought over 40 sword and bayonet knots from a very old collection.
They are all blacklight tested and are all rare originals.
This is one of only three faustriemen in the collection.
They are extremely hard to get, especially in mint condition!!

German WW1 Field Artllery Sword Troddel

1st Abteilung, 3rd Batterie
dark brown leather strap, white leather slider, yellow cap, white tassel.
Unissued, supple leather, vibrant yellow cap,
a few white strands are light pink,
virtually mint condition for almost 100 yrs old.

Mounted enlisted men and NCOs of the regular German army that carried a sword or sabre, such as the cavalry and field artillery, wore a sword knot known as the "Faustriemen." This consisted of a leather strap ending with a woven slide loop above a tasseled knot.

The loops and knots were color coded for the different batteries and abteilungs. The color numbers were as follows: white (1), red (2), yellow (3), blue (4), and green (5). The tassels were all white.

Ruhl 1900 Troddel Chart

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