Four German Fobs - Solid 800 Silver

Super looking and colorful German Fobs
solid 800 silver
combined weight = 45+ grams
colorful silk German States Ribbons
antiques: circa 1890-1920's
largest is appx 13 cm, 5 inches in length

very light wear
est retail: (@$40-60) = $160 to $240

"800 H.G. Themer Bonn"
Werdich s/l E. Wiedemann

Balletshofer Wiedemann E.

one is named to H. Blum
I don't know what the abbreviations mean

This silver frame looks like it is dated (18)93
I can't read the fancy German hand engraved script

marked "800" fine silver on all four plates, "850" on swivel ring

these 3 marked:
"800 H.G. Themer Bonn"
"Werdich s./l. E. Wiedemann
"Balletshofer Wiedemann E."

"Werdich s./l. E. Wiedemann"
"800 H.G. Themer Bonn"

fob with red-white-gold ribbon marked "800" on four plates, "850" on swivel ring

very reasonable start price, no reserve, 14 day return privilege

USA Bidders: 1st class postage with tracking, $5.95

Foreign bidders:
air mail, no tracking $9.95
FedEx with tracking $46.50