Crimped Gold Bullion Embroidery Purl

German Made Gold Bullion Purl: Made from gold plated on silver plated on copper, structurally a long spring, hollow at the core, sparkles in the sun, can be stretched apart and couched between the wraps of wire, or cut into short lengths and applied like beads.

you get four equal length strands
total length 100+ inches
beautiful bright gold, very high quality, extremely springy

triangles each rotated 72 degrees

diameter = 1.5 mm
diameter = .59 inches

the winning bidder will get a little something extra that will make you glad you bid!

very reasonable start price, no reserve, 14 day return privilege

USA Bidders: 1st class postage with tracking, $2.95

Foreign bidders:
air mail, no tracking $3.95