Schrade Paratrooper Knife

Schrade Walden Parachute Knife: This orange handle knife was issued to all airmen who wore a parachute from 1957 to sometime around the 1990's. This one might be from the Vietnam war era. Military bale, 3 inch blade with some light scratches from use, very strong spring, this one snaps into locked position at the push of the button, the shroud cutter hook is extremely sharp, perfect for cutting unseen parachute lines behind your head, works beautiful, light wear.

Schrade Walden
N.Y. U.S.A.

3 inch miltary push button, spring lock

2 blades
works better than the WW2 German paratrooper knife!!

2 inch line cutter hook blade

very reasonable start price, no reserve, 14 day return privilege

USA Bidders: 1st class postage with tracking, 4.95

Foreign bidders:
air mail, no tracking $12.95
FedEx with tracking $38