WW2 German Spa Room Key
Kurhotel Bad Neuenahr - 380R

Kurhotel Bad Neuenahr - 380R

I bought this key from a WW2 USA 15th Army veteran. He said it was the key to the spa room. Top NSDAP officers used the spa when they stayed at this hotel for state business. This would make a good research project.

Key - 380R

A large and heavy key: 10+ cm (over 4 inches long), 69 gm
cast iron key and shaft, nickel plated brass disk

Good luck to the high bidder!!

very reasonable start price, no reserve, 14 day return privilege

USA Bidders: 1st class postage with tracking, 4.95

Foreign bidders: air mail, no tracking $11.95
FedEx with tracking $38