Signals Model EH-375 4000W
Telefunken Headphone Set

SIGNALS MODEL EH-375 HEADPHONE SET, (Doppelfernhörer): The Germans had a wide variety of communications equipment such as portable wireless radio sets, transmitters and receivers. The most common wireless radios were the Tornister Funkgerät b1 d2 portable knapsack models b1, d2 and f which came equipped with a variety of headsets. This Model EH 375 headset has two molded black bakelite earphones with an adjustable head band. The earphones are marked "Telefunken EH 375 Bs" and "4000 W" (Ohms). Each of the earphones has a brown woven fabric covered connection wire that join into a single wire to connect to the receiver. The total length of the wire is 140 cm, the plug-ins for the ends are missing. Bought from a WW2 vet. It most likely works but I have not tested it. Moderate wear.

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