The Dalton Brothers
Ines: A Tale of the Alamo

The Dalton Brothers by Llew Williams
Soft Cover, 234 pages, 1893, A "Wild West" Book

4 Dead Gang Members

John J Kloehr killed two out of four with his German Schutzen rifle
He learned to shoot in Germany!!

Kloehr was born in 1858 in Germany. He came to America in 1870 with his family. In 1884 he married Katherine Huff. The couple eventually had four children - Jessie, born in 1885; Russell, 1887; Francis, 1888; and Nannie, 1893. Kloehr also engaged with the government in handling cattle on the Canadian river for a year, spent about a year prospecting precious metals in Colorado, and then returned to Coffeyville. He then started buying and selling horses, which lead him into the livery business. He ran a livery business for a time, which he later developed into a storage garage business. While still maintaining his business, Kloehr became Coffeyville's Chief of Police. In 1908, he instituted the use of a gold police chief's badge. Kloehr died in 1927. He was awarded a large gold medal with a diamond and a Winchester rifle that exist to this day!

The Dalton Brothers in their Oklahoma Cave

Copyrighted 1893

the hard cover edition of this book is priced at appx $300

end of dalton brothers

Here is the Alamo book

A Tale of the Alamo
hard cover, 298 pages, 1864

1864 to the Texas Patriots


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